Arrival/Location/ Security


BellaVistaMarmora and its garden lie on 1400m height at a high angel hillside situation. The building is aside from the street on a rock projection, that sticks out of the village Reinero. The garden has some differentiated terraces. To avoid disturbing the splendid view we tried to disclaim on fences, as much as possible. It's a few steps up from the bedroom to reach the bathroom. These steps don't have an handrail. You should know this, because you will always have to take regard for  yourself. We don’t take accountability for that.


Therefore, the accomodation is not suitable for children and physically disabled people.



At BellaVistaMarmora you live calm and easy, because you are shielded from the rest of the village: After leaving the main entrance behind you it’s only a few steps to the chapel of Reinero. If you take the other direction, you will get to the Piazetta, the village square. The inhabitants of Reinero spend a lot of time there and in summer it’s often a vivid place, so you can choose where to be, depending on your mood. Do you want it calm or varied? A tip: It is charming to walk around the village at night.



This region of Italy is very calm and secure. We don’t know about any burglaries. Nevertheless, you should always lock your apartment at night or when you leave the house.



Like most of the houses in Valle Maira, BellaVistaMarmora is a house made of natural stone. That causes ripple of dust and very small stones from the partly raw walls from time to time. But especially this natural stone construction gives a feeling of security and calmness.



- closest airports:


  Cuneo/ Levaldigi









We recommend, that you rent a car at the airport. If you arrive at Torino there is a frequent Sherpabus, that brings you to Valle Maira.





There is a municipal garage at the entrance of the village, to prevent the village from car traffic. You can park there. It’s only 50 m distance from BellaVistaMarmora.




Borgata Reinero

 12020 Cuneo Italy


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