Valle Maira is a place for individualists. There is no mass tourism at Valle Maira and there are none of the gruesome constructions of the last decades that you can find everywhere else in Europe. Peace-seeking, nature- and culture lovers, artists, photographers and sporty people love this place.



The unique nearly untouched mountainous landscape offers a gorgeous nature, with plants and animals, which you have often not seen for decades in the wild in other places. Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime, one of the biggest integral nature reserves in Italy is close.



Valle Maira is a great location for outdoor sports! You can for example do snowshoe or deep-snow-ski tours in winter, at other seasons, biking, climbing or hiking excursions. The next ski region with lifts is in the neighbouring valley.



Culture and History


Valle Maira is unique. You will still find the traditional way of living in this valley. That’s why especially culture lovers will be excited to be here.



Many inhabitants buy cheese, bread and other traditional products of this region direct from the producer or produce them in their own households. Regional products are available in the small food shops in Valle Maira.


You will find excellent food in the many small restaurants and inns in the region. The Slow Food Movement was started by a Piedmontese, after all. Quite a few localities adhere to those principles today, like the nearby restaurants "Lou Pitavin" or "La Tavernetta". Just a few steps from Bella Vista Marmora you will find the bar.



There are gorgeous churches, cloisters and secular buildings everywhere in this valley with recently restored frescos. Many of them are from considerable artists, produced by requests from the clergy or nobility.


Bella Vista Marmora also is a part of the history in this valley. It mediates the history. We thank Valter Marchisio who took care of a harmonisation between traditions and modernity while restoring the building.



As usual at very beautiful places Valle Maira is the home of artists. There are for example several photographers who exhibit their work in the region.